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Stephen Tharp plays the Goldberg Variations at Saint Joseph's Cathedral, Columbus

Stephen Tharp brings a fresh interpretation to Bach's Goldberg Variations, recorded on the Fritts Pipe Organ at Saint Joseph Cathedral, Columbus, Ohio.
Photo of organ pipes in the Paul Fritts organ in the Cathedral of Saint Joseph
Product number: 172
Sales price: $18.95

The fourth and final volume of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Clavierübung keyboard cycle, his "Goldberg Variations", is considered to be the most important work in this form from the Baroque era. The work includes 30 variations over a ground-bass, originally composed for harpsichord, and is adapted here for solo organ by Stephen Tharp. Widely respected for his interpretations of Romantic and 20th century repertoire, Stephen Tharp performs with a stylistic sensitivity to the music at hand. While utilizing the full color palette of Paul Fritts’ pipe organ at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio, this arrangement, while imaginative and virtuosic, remains faithful to the period aesthetic in which the music was originally conceived. In addition to the Goldberg Variations, there are several tracks of short organ improvisations interspersed with Mr. Tharp's narrated tour of the various individual colors found in the Fritts pipe organ. There are also extensive music notes by Mark Dwyer as well as an essay about the organ by Paul Fritts, packaged in a beautifully designed Digipack.


There still are a limited number CDs available for this title.


1 Goldberg Variations: Aria Johann Sebastian Bach
2 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 1 Johann Sebastian Bach
3 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 2 Johann Sebastian Bach
4 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 3 (Canone all'Unisuoso) Johann Sebastian Bach
5 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 4 Johann Sebastian Bach
6 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 5 Johann Sebastian Bach
7 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 6 (al tempo di Giga) Johann Sebastian Bach
8 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 7 Johann Sebastian Bach
9 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 8 Johann Sebastian Bach
10 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 9 (Canone alla Terza) Johann Sebastian Bach
11 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 10 (Fughetta) Johann Sebastian Bach
12 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 11 Johann Sebastian Bach
13 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 12 (Canone alla Quarta) Johann Sebastian Bach
14 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 13 Johann Sebastian Bach
15 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 14 Johann Sebastian Bach
16 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 15 (Canone alla Quinta) Johann Sebastian Bach
17 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 16 (Ouverture) Johann Sebastian Bach
18 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 17 Johann Sebastian Bach
19 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 18 (Canone alla Sesta) Johann Sebastian Bach
20 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 19 Johann Sebastian Bach
21 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 20 Johann Sebastian Bach
22 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 21 (Canone alla Settima) Johann Sebastian Bach
23 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 22 Johann Sebastian Bach
24 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 23 Johann Sebastian Bach
25 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 24 (Canone all'Ottava) Johann Sebastian Bach
26 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 25 (Adagio) Johann Sebastian Bach
27 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 26 Johann Sebastian Bach
28 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 27 (Canone alla Nona) Johann Sebastian Bach
29 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 28 Johann Sebastian Bach
30 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 29 Johann Sebastian Bach
31 Goldberg Variations: Variatio 30 (Quodlibet) Johann Sebastian Bach
32 Goldberg Variations: Aria da capo e fine Johann Sebastian Bach
33 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Narration  
34 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Principals and Mixtures Stephen Tharp
35 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Narration  
36 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Flutes Stephen Tharp
37 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Narration  
38 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Cornets Stephen Tharp
39 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Narration  
40 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Small Reeds Stephen Tharp
41 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Narration  
42 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Large Reeds Stephen Tharp
43 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Narration  
44 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Strings and Celestes Stephen Tharp
45 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Narration  
46 A Guided Tour of the Fritts Organ: Tutti Stephen Tharp

Photographs of the Pipe Organ and Location