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pipeorgancds @LincsCathedral fourth and fifths make sure there are no inconsistent tempers. Now how many people will get this ;-)

Paul-Martin Maki plays the organ at First Unitarian-Universalist Detroit

Recording of the pipe organ built by the Skinner Organ Company at First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Detroit. Transcription of Sigfried Idyll recorded by Maki
Organist Paul-Martin Maki standing next to the Skinner Organ at First Unitarian Universalist Church in Detroit
Product number: 122
Sales price: $18.95

The pipe organ built by the Skinner Organ, Opus 232 (1915), for First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Detroit, replete with dark-toned reeds and copious solo colors, finds a particularly agreeable partner for Lemare’s transcription of Wagner’s "Siegfried Idyll" with its generous capacity for orchestral nuance and expressive effects. Serving the demand of the time for orchestral transcriptions, the tonal pallet of this Skinner pipe organ is representative of the pattern Ernest Skinner had established by 1915: a small Great division of refined foundation stops enlivened by large, colorful Swell, Solo and Echo divisions.


This recording comes with extensive documentation: an essay about the pipe organ, notes on the music, stoplist and numerous photos.


There still are a limited number CDs available for this title.


1 Dawn Cyril Jenkins
2 Pastorale Cesar Franck
3 Pageant of Autumn Leo Sowerby
4 Suite Brentonne, Op. 21: Berceuse Marcel Dupre
5 Suite Brentonne, Op. 21: Fileuse Marcel Dupre
6 Suite Brentonne, Op. 21: Les Cloches de Perros-Guirec Marcel Dupre
7 Quatrieme Suite from Pieces de Fantasie, Op. 55: Gargouilles et Chimeres Louis Vierne
8 Quatrieme Suite from Pieces de Fantasie, Op. 55: Naiades Louis Vierne
9 Sigfried Idyll Richard Wagner

Photographs of the Pipe Organ and Location