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Richard Morgan plays the organ at Saint Peter's Church Morristown

Recording of the pipe organ built by the Skinner Organ Company at Saint Peter's Church in Morristown, New Jersey. Richard Morgan plays works by Howells, Sousa & more
Organist Richard Morgan seated at the Skinner Organ at Saint Peter's Episcopal Church in Morristown, NJ
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The pipe organ at Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown, New Jersey, was built by the Skinner Organ Company in 1930. This pipe organ was designed and finished by G. Donald Harrison and demonstrates the emergence of his distinctive personal style—keenly voiced 8' diapasons, a strong octave and brilliant mixture in the Great, a clear pedal, and a fiery Swell. This instrument might be considered heroic in its voicing and is very different from the pipe organs G. Donald Harrison would design only a few years later. These brilliant sounds roll down the long nave at Saint Peter’s, lending a stately grandeur to the repertoire here, appropriately paced by Richard Morgan. Dupré’s "Cortège et Litanie," Howells’ "Siciliano for a High Ceremony," and Franck’s "Choral in A-minor" benefit especially from this lush sonic environment.


This recording comes with extensive documentation: notes on the music, stoplist and numerous photos. 


There are no CDs of this title left in stock, but this recording can be immediately downloaded from iTunes. You have the option to download this recording as a 16-bit WAVE file from Abeille Music in France.


1 Fanfare Percy Whitlock
2 Siciliano for a High Ceremony Herbert Howells
3 Choral in a minor Cesar Franck
4 Prelude Funebre Joseph Guy Ropartz
5 Allegro Symphonie VI Charles-Marie Widor
6 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring Johann Sebastian Bach
7 Toccata in F Major Johann Sebastian Bach
8 Cortege et Litanie Marcel Dupre
9 Liberty Bell March John Philip Sousa

Great Organ Builders of America: A Restrospective (Vol. 2: Richard Morgan Plays the Organ At St. Peter's Episcopal Church In Morristown, New Jersey) - Richard Morgan