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Widor Mass, Opus 26, recorded at Saint-Sulpice in Paris

Daniel Roth improvises in the style of Widor to introduce first recordings of choral works by Bellenot. Recording of the Widor Mass, Opus 26, at Saint-Sulpice.
Conducting the Widor Mass, Op. 36 in Saint-Sulpice with the Cavaillé-Coll Organ behind the choir director
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The two pipe organs in Saint-Sulpice in Paris are featured with massed choirs on this unique choral and organ recording. The focal point of this recording is Charles-Marie Widor's Mass, Opus 26 which was originally written for double chorus and two organs, forces readily available at Saint-Sulpice in his time. Widor's idea was to compose music that reflected the grandeur of the Mass, in such a vast space as Saint-Sulpice. Phillippe Bellenot was the choir organist at Saint-Sulpice in Widor's time and they often collaborated, performing each other's compositions. Among Bellenot's works on this recording are his "Tu es Petrus", "Ave Maria" and "Quam dilecta". In this recording, skillful improvisations by Daniel Roth set the stage for each sung work or movement of the Mass, much as one would have heard at Saint-Sulpice during Mass in the time of Lefébure-Wély, and later Widor and Bellenot.


This recording comes with extensive documentation: notes on the music, stoplist and numerous photos and a written interview with the artist.


There are no CD copies of this release. It can be immediately downloaded from iTunes. You have the option to download this recording as a 16-bit WAVE file from Abeille Music in France.


1 Carillon  
2 Prelude improvisation based on the Kyrie from the Mass setting Orbis factor  
3 Mass, Op. 36: Kyrie Charles-Marie Widor
4 Mass, Op. 36: Gloria Charles-Marie Widor
5 Offertoire Improvisation  
6 Ave Maria for mixed voices Philippe Bellenot
7 Mass, Op. 36: Sanctus Charles-Marie Widor
8 Elevation improvisation  
9 Mass, Op. 36: Benedictus Charles-Marie Widor
10 Prelude improvisation to the Agnus Dei  
11 Mass, Op. 36: Agnus Dei Charles-Marie Widor
12 Communion improvisation based on the Agnus Dei from the Mass setting Orbis factor Charles-Marie Widor
13 O Salutaris Louis James Alfred Lefebure-Wely
14 Postlude improvisation on Salve Regina  
15 Improvisation Louis James Alfred Lefebure-Wely
16 Tantum ergo Philippe Bellenot
17 Improvisation  
18 Tu es Petrus Philippe Bellenot
19 Improvisation  
20 Ave Maria Philippe Bellenot
21 Improvisation  
22 Quam dilecta Charles-Marie Widor

Photographs of the Pipe Organ and Location

Latin Mass: Widor Mass, Opus 36 at Saint Sulpice on the Cavaillé-Coll Pipe Organ - Daniel Roth