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Daniel Roth plays Widor Symphonies at Saint-Sulpice Volume 1

Daniel Roth is one of the leading experts on Charles-Marie Widor. This recording of two Widor Organ Symphonies is musical and sonically extraordinary.
Product number: 193
Sales price: $18.95

This recording features the Cavaille-Coll pipe organ at Saint-Sulpice in Paris and organist Daniel Roth playing two organ symphonies by Charles-Marie Widor. Daniel Roth is known throughout the world as one of the top interpreters of the music of Widor. The two Widor Symphonies on this recording are No. 9, Gothique and No. 10, Romane. These two symphonies are each dedicated to a specific building in France. The late Cavaillé-Coll masterpiece, built for the massive church of St. Ouen, Rouen, France, was the focus of the Symphonie Gothique of 1890, with the composer at the organ for the premiere performance on April 17 of that year. The Symphonie Romane, likewise, was dedicated to the Basilica of St. Sernin in the city of Toulouse in southern France, where Cavaillé-Coll had built another large and remarkable instrument. Charles-Marie Widor received a "temporary" one-year appointment as organist at Saint-Sulpice that lasted for 64 years. It is quite appropriate to record these symphonies on Widor's organ at Saint-Sulpice, which is left largely as the composer and organ builder would have known the instrument. The pipe organ at Saint-Sulpice is revered by organists throughout the world for the sheer beauty of its tone.


This CD comes in a beautifully designed Digipak with a 24 page booklet with essays and numerous photos.


There are no CD copies of this release. It can be immediately downloaded from iTunes.You have the option to download this recording as a 16-bit WAVE file from Abeille Music in France.


1 Symphonie Gothique, Op. 70: Moderato Charles-Marie Widor
2 Symphonie Gothique, Op. 70: Andante Sostenuto Charles-Marie Widor
3 Symphonie Gothique, Op. 70: Fugue Charles-Marie Widor
4 Symphonie Gothique, Op. 70: Final Charles-Marie Widor
5 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Moderato Charles-Marie Widor
6 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Choral (Adagio) Charles-Marie Widor
7 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Cantilene (Lento) Charles-Marie Widor
8 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Final Charles-Marie Widor