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pipeorgancds @LincsCathedral fourth and fifths make sure there are no inconsistent tempers. Now how many people will get this ;-)

Daniel Roth plays the organ at Washington National Cathedral

Recording of the pipe organ in Washington National Cathedral. Daniel Roth plays Widor's Sixth & Romane Organ Symphonies and improvises.
Product number: 153
Sales price: $18.95

Daniel Roth, the great titular organist of the Church of St. Sulpice in Paris, plays the pipe organ at Washington National Cathedral in this live recording. Fourth in a series of live concert recordings from the cathedral, Roth's performances are absolutely electrifying. His own "Fantasie Fugue on Regina coeli," a brilliant improvisation, two Widor masterpieces: "Allegro" from the Sixth Symphony, and a particularly inspired performance of one of Roth's signature pieces, Widor's "Symphonie Romane."


This recording comes with extensive documentation: notes on the music, stoplist and numerous photos and a written interview with the artist.


There still are a limited number of CDs available for this title. 


1 Symphonie No. 6 pour grand orgue, Op. 42, No. 2: Allegro Charles-Marie Widor
2 Improvisation Daniel Roth
3 Fantaisie fugee sur le "Regina coeli" (2004) Daniel Roth
4 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Moderato Charles-Marie Widor
5 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Choral (Adagio) Charles-Marie Widor
6 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Cantilene (Lento) Charles-Marie Widor
7 Symphonie Romane, Op. 73: Final Charles-Marie Widor

Photographs of the Pipe Organ and Location