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Daniel Roth plays the organ at Saint-Ouen de Rouen

Recording of the Cavaillé-Coll pipe organ at Saint-Ouen in Rouen, France. Daniel Roth plays works of Guilmant, Alain and his own composition on the Magnificat.
Photo down the length of Saint-Ouen in Rouen showing the organ case and Daniel Roth Organist
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The pipe organ at Abbaye Saint-Ouen de Rouen in France is one of Cavaillé-Coll's masterpieces. Daniel Roth plays a varied program on this pipe organ featuring works by Guilmant, Boulanger, Vierne, Alain, Messiaen and one of his own compositions, based on the Magnificat chant. The recording was made in Surround Sound by the noted recording engineer Christoph Frommen and will play on either a regular CD player or an SACD player. The SACD layer has a special bonus narrated tour of the stops at Saint-Ouen. In this bonus section, Daniel Roth talks about different individual stops and groups of stops, then improvises on them. Included in the 32-page booklet accompanying the recording is an interview with Denis Lacorre, the organbuilder who is the curator of this pipe organ. Denis Lacorre discusses fascinating details about the history, design and care of the pipe organ at Saint-Ouen. Numerous photos are included in the booklet along with excellent notes on the music by Stephen Tharp and an essay on the week the JAV team spent in the medieval town of Rouen. This disc will play on a standard CD player, but an SACD player is needed to hear Daniel Roth's narrated tour and to hear it in Surround Sound.


1 Religious March on a theme of Handel, Op. 15 Felix-Alexandre Guilmant
2 Prelude in f minor (1912) Nadia Boulanger
3 Petit Canon (1912) Nadia Boulanger
4 Trois Improvisations (1928): Marche Episcopale Louis Vierne
5 Allegretto, Op. 1 Louis Vierne
6 Communion, Op. 8 Louis Vierne
7 Pieces de Fantaisie: Troisieme Livre, Op. 54: Cathedrales Louis Vierne
8 24 Pieces en style libre, Op. 31: Scherzetto Louis Vierne
9 Choral Dorien (1935) Jehan Alain
10 Variations sur "Lucis Creator" (1932) Jehan Alain
11 Apparition de l'Eglise eternelle Olivier Messiaen
12 Livre d'Orgue pour le Magnificat: Quia respexit Daniel Roth
13 Livre d'Orgue pour le Magnificat: Deposuit Daniel Roth
14 Improvisation on Alleluia Daniel Roth
15 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
16 Improvisation on the Foundation stops Daniel Roth
17 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
18 Improvisation on the Plein-jeu Daniel Roth
19 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
20 Improvisation on the Cornets Daniel Roth
21 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
22 Improvisation on the Strings Daniel Roth
23 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
24 Improvisation on the Celestes Daniel Roth
25 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
26 Improvisation on the Flutes Harmoniques Daniel Roth
27 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
28 Improvisation on the Solo Reeds Daniel Roth
29 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
30 Improvised Dialogue on the Big Reeds Daniel Roth
31 Spoken comments by Daniel Roth  
32 Improvised Crescendo to the Tutti Daniel Roth

Photographs of the Pipe Organ and Location