Dr. Steven Ball at the Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ
Ask an organist what pipe organ is the biggest in the world is, they will tell you the Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ; now called Boardwalk Hall Organs. The organ was the dream of Senator Emerson Richards and built by Midmer-Losh of Merrick, Long Island.  It holds the record for being the largest and loudest musical instrument
Craig Cramer applauding the Murdy Family Organ the night of the dedication
Through a chance encounter between Diana Murdy and Fr. Peter Rocca, CSC, rector of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, also an organist, the dream of a new pipe organ for the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the University of Notre Dame Campus’ has recently been realized. In late summer 2016 Paul Fritts &
Organist Ken Cowan
An orchestra is capable of the softest pianissimos and very loud fortississimo. Few single instruments has this ability. Pipe organs have this dynamic range. Organist Ken Cowan demonstrates this on the Kilgen Organ at Our Lady of Refuge Church in Brooklyn. The set of Variations by Franz Liszt are perfect to demonstrate this.
Ken Cowan is one of the top concert organists in the world today. His keyboard technique and musical skills are shared by a small number of elite organists. Ken Cowan is also a easygoing and humble guy – people love his down to earth personality.