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JAV Recordings has been all about pipe organs since we opened up shop in Feb of 1997. Our goal was to make recordings of top organists playing landmark instruments around the world. This website contains much more then just our current CD catalog. There are Photos and Videos and articles from our travels to see and hear some of the great to modest pipe organs of the world. In these years we have been honored to meet some of the greatest musicians who play the King of Instruments, The Pipe Organ. We are supported through people who purchase our CDs. Explore the website enjoy the articles and media and also buy some of the best pipe organ recordings made. 

Up to CD 60 days after purchase, Unopened CDs can be returned for exchange for another title of the same value or for a credit of the price.

If a CD is defective you may return it for another copy of the same title.

If you wish to return a CD please contact us giving us the reason for the return, the CD name. You will be given an address to send the CD to and we will quickly send out a replacement copy or a different recording.

Unopened CDs can be refunded if we are contacted no more then 30 days after the purchase and the recording is promptly mailed back . Shipping charges are not refunded only the cost of the CD.

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