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CD set of complete organ works of Sweelinck
Complete Organ works of Sweelinck recorded on period instruments by Aeolus The organ of Saint-Jacques in Liège was built in 1600, probably either by Nicolas Niehoff or, even more likely, Floris Hocquet I. The original stoplist has not survived. The instrument was first rebuilt in 1669 by André Severin, a native of Maastricht. Arnold Clerinx [...]
Reger Hallelujah Gott zu loben played by Ken Cowan
Greetings from Ken Cowan, currently a full-time Professor, head of the organ program at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music, and recitalist, who recorded this performance of Reger Hallelujah Gott zu loben on the rebuilt Kilgen organ at Our Lady of Refuge in the Brooklyn Diocese. [...]
The organ of the Grote Kerk in Oosthuizen was long considered to be one of the oldest organs in the Netherlands, built in 1521 and sometimes attributed to Jan van Covelens. The meantone temperament introduced in 1966 was at the time a revelation for many lovers of early organ music, and this contributed considerably to [...]