Frederick Teardo plays the organ in Saint Thomas Church in Strasbourg

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Recording of the Johann Andreas Silbermann pipe organ in Strasbourg. Organist Frederick Teardo plays French-influenced Works of Bach, De Grigny & Boyvin.

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The pipe organ on this recording was built by Johann Andreas Silbermann (1712-1783). He was born in Strasbourg and completed 54 pipe organs in his lifetime. The pipe organs of Johann (son of Andreas) typically display a blend of French and German organ building traditions, a trait that is undoubtedly the product of Alsatian cross-cultural influences. The gallery pipe organ of Saint Thomas Church is the most notable extant instrument of Johann Andreas Silbermann. Construction of the pipe organ began in 1737 and was completed in February 1741. The pipe organ consists of 31 stops over three manuals and pedal. In 1979 the Silbermann pipe organ escaped doom when Alfred Kern & Son completed a faithful restoration, including the creation of a new keydesk. Frederick Teardo plays this historic pipe organ at Saint Thomas Church in Strasbourg, France. The recording features French-influenced organ works of J.S. Bach as well as music by Nicolas De Grigny and Jacques Boyvin. Dr. Frederick Teardo is Director of Music and Organist at the Cathedral of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama. Previously he was Associate Organist at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York. He received his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Yale University. The recording has been released with a 24-page booklet that contains an essay on the music and the organ, a biography of the artist and numerous photos.

  Name Composer
1 Praeludium pro Organo pleno, BWV 552/i Johann Sebastian Bach
2 Premier Livre d’Orgue: Pange lingua en taille a Nicolas De Grigny
3 Premier Livre d’Orgue: Fugue a 5 Nicolas De Grigny
4 Premier Livre d’Orgue: Recit du Chant de L’Hymne precedent Nicolas De Grigny
5 Fantasia in G Major (Piece d’Orgue), BWV 572 Johann Sebastian Bach
6 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Prelude Jacques Boyvin
7 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Duo Jacques Boyvin
8 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Fugue Jacques Boyvin
9 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Quatuor Jacques Boyvin
10 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Basse de Cromhorne Jacques Boyvin
11 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Recit Jacques Boyvin
12 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Tierce en taille Jacques Boyvin
13 Second Livre d’Orgue: Cinquieme ton: Grand Dialogue a quatre choers Jacques Boyvin
14 Fantasia in c minor, BWV 562 Johann Sebastian Bach
15 Schubler Chorales, BWV 645: Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme Johann Sebastian Bach
16 Schubler Chorales, BWV 646: Wo soll ich fliehen hin Johann Sebastian Bach
17 Schubler Chorales, BWV 647: Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten Johann Sebastian Bach
18 Schubler Chorales, BWV 648: Meine Seele erhebt den Herren Johann Sebastian Bach
19 Schubler Chorales, BWV 649: Ach bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ Johann Sebastian Bach
20 Schubler Chorales, BWV 650: Kommst du nun, Jesu, vom Himmel herunter auf Erden Johann Sebastian Bach
21 Fuga a 5 pro Organo pleno, BWV 552/ii Johann Sebastian Bach


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