Vierne Mass used for Easter Sunday Mass at Saint-Sulpice


A re-creation of the Latin Mass for Easter Sunday at Saint-Sulpice. Daniel Roth & Eric Lebrun, organists; Choeur D’Oratorio de Paris, Jean Sourisse, Director; Choeur Gregorien de Paris, Thibaut Marlin, Director; Edward Schaefer, Herve Lamy, Charles Barbier, soloists.

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This recording of the Vierne Mass is a Sonic Spectacular featuring both Cavaillé-Coll pipe organs at Saint-Sulpice in Paris. It re-creates a Traditional Latin Mass as it might have sounded at the time Louis Vierne was assistant organist to Charles-Marie Widor at Saint-Sulpice at the end of the 19th century. Set on Easter Sunday, the recording is complete, using the Vierne Mass as the Ordinary. The listener first hears the peal of the church’s bells, fading into Saint-Sulpice where Daniel Roth improvises on the Gregorian Chant Proper for the Introit on Easter Sunday, “Resurrexi, et adhuc tecum sum.” This is the complete liturgy for Easter Sunday using Vierne’s “Messe Solennelle” as the Mass setting for the Ordinary, and all the prayers and Propers are sung. The recording ends with a joyous improvised Sortie on “Victimae Paschali Laudes.” Daniel Roth and Eric Lebrun simultaneously improvise the Sortie on both pipe organs in Saint-Sulpice.

This recording of the Vierne Mass contains 2 CDs with a 64-page book. The book includes essays by Mark Dwyer on the Vierne Mass and by Camille Haedt on 19th- and early 20th-century Parisian liturgical practices, full stop lists of both pipe organs at Saint-Sulpice, stunning photographs and the full text from the Roman Missal of the Mass in Latin and English, including descriptions of how the music and liturgy integrate. This unique recording will give organists an understanding of the common influence shared by the 19th- and early 20th-century Parisian organists and of the Catholic Church. The American Record Guide says: “Its power coupled with the resonant acoustics make this setting not only historic, but musically satisfying as well…I would rank this interpretation with Cochereau at Notre-Dame and Pincemaille at St. Denis.”

  Name Composer
1 Bells of Saint-Sulpice  
2 Le matin de Paques Improvisation by Daniel Roth
3 Vidi Aquam Anonymous
4 Dialogue Anonymous
5 Improvisation on Resurrexi Improvisation by Daniel Roth
6 Introit, Resurrexi Anonymous
7 Messe Solennelle: Kyrie Louis Vierne
8 Messe Solennelle: Gloria Louis Vierne
9 Collect Anonymous
10 Epistle Anonymous
11 Graduel: Haec Dies Anonymous
12 Improvisation based on Haec Dies Improvisation by Daniel Roth
13 Alleluia Jacobus Gallus
14 Victimae Paschali Improvisation by Daniel Roth
15 Gospel Anonymous
16 Free Improvisation Improvisation by Daniel Roth
17 Credo Anonymous
18 Salutation & Offertory Verse Anonymous
19 Improvisation based on Terra tremuit Improvisation by Daniel Roth
20 Jubilate Deo Giovanni Gabrieli
21 Salutation and Preface Anonymous
22 Messe Solennelle: Sanctus Louis Vierne
23 Free Improvisation during the Canon Improvisation by Daniel Roth
24 Messe Solennelle: Benedictus Louis Vierne
25 Improvisation: Recit de Cornet Improvisation by Daniel Roth
26 Dialogue and Pater Noster Anonymous
27 Improvisation: Choeur de voix humaines Improvisation by Daniel Roth
28 Messe Solennelle: Agnus Dei Louis Vierne
29 Improvisation: Dialogue Nasard et Bourdon Improvisation by Daniel Roth
30 Confiteor Anonymous
31 Free Improvisation Improvisation by Daniel Roth
32 Communion Verse Anonymous
33 Communion Improvisation based on Pascha Nostrum Improvisation by Daniel Roth
34 Tantum Ergo, Op. 2 Louis Vierne
35 Postcommunion Anonymous
36 Dismissal and Blessing Anonymous
37 Improvisation based on Gloria Patri, Psalm Tone V Improvisation by Daniel Roth
38 Postlude Improvisation Improvisation by Daniel Roth and Eric Lebrun


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