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Daniel Roth Organ Recital

Daniel Roth Organ Recital at Our Lady of Refuge Diocese of Brooklyn

Daniel Roth is one of the giants of the organ world. He is highly regarded as a teacher, a composer, improviser and performer. Daniel Roth Organ Recital will be the last in a series of seven organ recital celebrating the restoration of the pipe organ at Our Lady of Refuge.

Tickets are still available online for his only New York City performance of the season on April 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Our Lady of Refuge in Brooklyn. Daniel Roth Organ Recital will feature works by Sweelinck, Bach, Franck, Vierne and Mendelssohn as well as playing his own works and improvising on given themes. Stephen Buzard, Assistant Organist at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, will direct a Schola singing the subjects that Mr. Roth will improvise on. The program is available as a PDF download on the parish’s website. Michael Barone, the Executive Producer of PipeDreams, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the recital.

The front doors of the church on Ocean Avenue will open at 6:45pm and a limited number of tickets will be available at the door for $20 each. It is strongly advised that you purchase your tickets online. Any tickets purchased after April 20th will be held at the door.

The organ at Our Lady of Refuge was restored through the donations of over 1000 people, most of whom have never been to Brooklyn. The restoration was meant to enrich the parish’s worship, and bring beautiful music to all people that live in the Ditmas Park Community. A video from each performance has been posted on the parish’s website. The audio and video quality are excellent. They were posted for all of those who contributed but have not been able to attend a recital due to distance.

This experience has been proof positive of what can be accomplished when many people work together, plan and never give up.

Soli Deo Gloria

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