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Ken Cowan plays Edward Elgar Nimrod from Enigma Variations

Ken Cowan is widely regarded as one of the finest organists in the United States today. Mr. Cowan has an active organ recital schedule and has numerous recordings out on CD and iTunes.

Click here for a recording of Ken Cowan playing Transcriptions and Romantic Music on a magnificent Skinner Organ : Ken Cowan plays the Skinner Organ at the Parish Church of Saint Luke

In this recording Mr. Cowan shows off the full dymanic range of the Kilgen Pipe Organ at Our Lady of Refuge Church in Brooklyn. From the softest strings with the boxes closed to the large tromba stop on the Great Organ. Watch his feet not so much for playing notes in the pedal but as he works the Great/Choir expression pedals and the Swell expression pedals. Watch as he uses the generals pistons and even the divisional pistons to change the stops on the organ.

It took 6 years to raise the money to restore this pipe organ. The work was carried out by two of the finest organ builders in the United States A.R. Schopp’s Sons and Quimby Pipe Organs.

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