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Loreto Aramendi at the organ in Our Lady of Refuge

The Lady from Spain that came to Brooklyn Loreto Aramendi

Loreto Aramendi played organ recital at Our Lady of Refuge in Brooklyn Diocese. Her recitals consisted of organ works from the French and German Romantic periods and a work by Bach. The music was all perfectly suited to a Symphonic American Organ like the restored Kilgen Organ at Our Lady of Refuge in Brooklyn.

Throughout Loreto’s playing attention to the musical line and phrase was in the forefront of her interpretation supported by a foundation of a powerful keyboard technique. The audience at the recital was glued to the projection screens watching her performance. After the recital many commented how can someone who is so petite play all of that Liszt!

After the recital Loreto was almost mobbed by the audience when she came down to greet them; everyone wanted to greet her and thank her for such a tremendous recital. Loreto is like an ambassador of the organ. San Sebastian, Spain should be proud to have someone who represents them so well.


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