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Stephen Tharp at the organ in Our Lady of Refuge before and after the pipe organ restoration

Pipe Organ Restoration | Before and After Video | Stephen Tharp Organist

Stephen Tharp is seen and heard playing Vierne’s Carillon de Westminster. Mr. Tharp plays the Kilgen pipe organ at Our Lady of Refuge Church in Brooklyn. The video shows the before and after the pipe organ restoration.

The first 4 minutes and 22 seconds were recorded in March of 2007. The pipe organ had been made playable for this important video, as it would be the last time the pipe organ would be heard for many years. Days after this video was made the pipe organ was removed from Our Lady of Refuge Church and was sent to Alliance, Ohio. After six years of fund raising the entire pipe organ was restored and re-installed. At 4 minutes and 23 seconds the video jumps to a recording made in May of 2015 on the entirely restored pipe organ. I believe the results of this pipe organ restoration are incredible.

JAV Recordings led the effort to raise the money to restore this pipe organ. Many of the customers of JAV Recordings pitched in to help raise the funds restore the pipe organ. To learn more about the pipe organ at Our Lady of Refuge Church click here. The dedication brochure is available to be downloaded by clicking here. Watch the entire blessing service of the pipe organ at Our Lady of Refuge by clicking here.

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