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Pipedreams North German Tour Group Photo in Cappel

Group Photo taken of the Pipedreams Group – Sunday May 15, 2011 

Pipedreams Group Photo infront of the Schnitger from 1680 Peter & Paul Kirche in Cappel outside of Cuxhaven, Germany. This was some second hand organ the church bought in the 18th century.

Front row, spillover, right side: Cassel, Mariana; Combes, Lynette; Dabrowski, Doris; Hoermann, Elise

Front full row: Urbrock, Bill; Urbrock, Barbara; Culver, AB; Bosarge, Brigitte; Joyner, Joe; Vitacco, Joe; Becker, Karen; Muka, Eddie; Kaser, Loretta; Boysen, Peter; Schroeder, Margaret (partially obscured)

Second (partial) row, left side: Smith, Henry; Schmidt, Lise; Knopp, Eileen; Aspnes, Mai Luu

Third row (standing on floor): Edgar, Alan; Schroeder, John; Stoltzfus, John; Heidemann, Paul; Stoy, Richard; Garrett, Page; Feher, Bela; Feher, Janice; Feldhahn, Ulrich; Lloynd, Graham; Boudreaux, Irvin

Fourth row (standing on pew): Kahn, Stephen; Westcott,Bruce ; Aspnes, Richard; O’Connor, Jerry –(on floor) Rayner, Harry; Weaver, Terry; Rutz,Roland – (on pew) Barone, Michael; Hartley, Kathleen; Cassell, Christopher; Tier, Ben; Heidemann, Maryanne

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