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Robert McCormick gives a narrated tour of the Organ at Saint Paul K Street

Saint Paul Parish K Street has one of the finest music programs in all of Washington DC and is blessed with a fabulous organ, several excellent choirs and their Music Director, Robert McCormick, who is universally respected for his superb musical skills in the organ world.


The Organ was designed to accompany the Anglican Service and has a rich selection of colourful solo stops and soft effects, as well as ensembles for brilliant hymn playing. It was modelled upon the work of Henry Willis, builder of organs at Saint Paul’s, London, and Salisbury Cathedral. The smallest pipe is pencil-sized; the largest pipe is 18.5 feet tall, 2 square feet in dimension and weighs 430 pounds. The weight of the organ is approximately 32,000 pounds. There are 40 miles of wire in the console, relay action and wind chests.


Robert McCormick uses the Salve Regina as the basis for 8 short improvisations. He demonstrates the following colors: Flutes, Foundations, Reeds, Crescendo/Decrescendo starting on the Foundations and adding the Swell Reeds, Principals and Mixtures, Lighter Foundation Stops, Celestes and the Tutti.


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