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Interview with Thomas Murray – Yale University Organist

This is an audio interview with Professor Thomas Murray, University Organist and Professor of Music at Yale University, where he talks about his life as a musician.

We cover numerous topics in the interview such as: what sparked Thomas Murray’s interest in the pipe organ, what the organ was in his home church, the first works he learned to play on the organ and his first organ teachers, what drew him to the symphonic style of organ playing, what it was like growing up in the organ reform movement, when he first played the Newberry Memorial Organ and what he played, as well as his musical goals for the next five years.


These and many other topics are covered. I hope you enjoy these interviews and share them with your friends.

As an added bonus listen to Professor Murray play Robert Schumann Four Sketches (live & unedited) in Woolsey Hall.


Click here to learn about some of Thomas Murray’s recordings.




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